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Legal note and terms of use (Disclaimer)

For legal reasons please note the following disclaimer.

Right of use of contents

Websites, their programming, content, design and configuration are subject to industrial property rights and copyright. For this reason reproduction, distribution, holding ready the website itself for retrieval of data or online use of the websites, their content or layout - in whole or part, regardless whether modified or unmodified - are strictly not permitted. In exceptional cases prior written consent of aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) must be obtained. When using the website privately in particular the provisions of copyright are applicable.

Disclaimer for information provided

aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) assumes no liability for any information of its own being accurate, complete, up-to-date and available, or indeed for the same in respect of information provided by third parties in spite of exercising utmost accuracy in obtaining this information and making it available.

With regard to the right of use, aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) accepts no liability for losses arising from authorised or unauthorised distribution or use (in particular reproduction, dissemination and making information accessible, e. g. on third-party websites) of content or arising therefrom.

The disclaimer refers to all information and data contained in the following website. In case of parts of this legal advice and terms of use being void the remaining terms remain unaffected.


Integrating aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) websites into other websites or similarly structured internet presences requires explicit written consent of aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik).

Links to the aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) home page in an appropriate context is acceptable without special written arrangement. Whereas linking to subdirectories and subordinate pages of the aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) website (so called deep-linking) is permitted on prior written approval only.

The websites of aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) partly contain links to websites of third parties that are beyond the responsibility or control of aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik). aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) does not therefore assume responsibility for the content of or for loss or damage arising from the use or nonuse of third parties' websites (whose content aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) explicitly does not adopt as its own) to which websites of aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) are linked. According to a ruling by the Hamburg District Court (Landgericht Hamburg) dated 12.05.1998, aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) in general distances itself from the content of pages of all mentioned links as well as from the content of all references made by these pages.

Potential claims are to be asserted to the supplier of the respective website.

Obligation to observe confidentiality

Under this section you will find important information concerning data protection by aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik).

Information regarding communication via e-mail with aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik)

E-mails sent via the Internet can be easily read, altered, delivered late or incomplete or written under false names. As a result, for your and our own security we have to limit to which e-mails are legally binding:

The use of e-mail by aik is for exchange of information and speed of communication only.

No consultancy / no recommendation for investments

Publications on the following pages do not constitute individual advice on asset allocation and investment or recommendations for acquisitions, purchase of share certificates or other financial instruments because this information does not contain all relevant data.

As far as the following web pages contain an offer or an invitation to make an offer regarding the purchase of share certificates this offer or invitation to make an offer is aimed exclusively at investors who are well informed, decision-makers and have gained adequate experience in real estate business.

The following information is solely meant for personal information and for use at your own discretion. It does not take into account the investors' assets, especially their financial and economic situation. A firm investment decision on special open-ended funds mentioned in the following web pages needs to be based on a detailed counselling interview, and not just on the basis of the information on this website.

Moreover, the information provided is neither a basis for a contract between the provider and the user of the information nor does this information create an obligation of any kind.

Information and data will be updated according to requirements.

aik Immobilien-Investmentgesellschaft mbH (aik) reserves the right to update, alter or delete parts of the website and any information and content at any time and without notice.

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