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» It is important for us to reach our investment locations quickly at all times. In addition to our presence at these locations, a close network of local partners yields a high degree of market proximity. «

Investment Profiles


Investment Profile Germany

office properties

  • A- and B cities
  • established inner-city locations
  • investment volume approx. 10-50 mn €
  • well-maintained buildings with modern technical equipment and facilities
  • occupancy level > 50%
  • construction year > ca. 1995 or refurbished
  • multi-tenant
  • lease structures with short - long term rentals

retail properties

  • investment volume approx. 10-50 mn €
  • established and prime locations in cities with a population > 100,000 and positive centrality rating > 100
  • well-maintained buildings with a modern configuration of the retail space
  • lease structures with short - long term rentals

portfolios and building ensembles

  • residential, office and retail portfolios - no volume restrictions
  • building ensembles consisting of office-, retail-, and residential properties (criteria apply as mentioned above) up to 150 mn €

residential properties


  • regional centres > 100,000 citizens
  • suburbs of A-locations

existing properties/ projects:

  • multi story residential building, may also include public funding and/ or proportional commercial use
  • investment volume per building ca. 10 -80 mn €
  • no limitation in construction year

residential sites:

  • sites for residential use (focus on public housing)
  • sites for multi story residential buildings and terraced house developments > ca. 5,000 m² BGF


PDF-Download Anforderungsprofil National 2019


Investment Profile International


target countries & cities

Primary focus

  • Austria: Vienna
  • Luxembourg: City
  • Italy: Milan, Rome

Other countries:

  • Belgium: Brussels
  • France: Paris, Western Crescent
  • England: London

investment requirements

  • office (and retail) buildings with appealing architecture and historical monuments
  • investment volume approx. 10 – 50 mn €
  • established inner-city locations
  • well-maintained buildings with modern equipment and facilities
  • single or multi-tenant
  • stable cash flow of min. 3 years


PDF-Download Investment profile International 2019


Our investment team looks forward to receiving your offers with full address. location on city map, detailed tenancy schedule, measurement certificate, standard floor plan and photos.

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