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» By concentrating on the acquisition of properties that can be subsequently relet, we achieve a stable cash flow going along with a high degree of security. «

Making the most of low-risk opportunities

aik investment profile: city centre office and retail, as well as residential properties in the core of Europe

Attractive return / risk profile through properties that allow for letting small units

The aik investment approach aims for high returns while keeping the risk low. Consequently, high-quality office and retail properties in attractive central areas represent our acquisition targets. Important investment criteria include the possibility of renting out in small units and a varied tenant structure. The considerable number of small units included in aik‘s portfolio is an important factor in spreading the investment risk.

Properties with a prestigious profile and average rents

aik concentrates on properties with a particular image helping the tenant identify himself with the building. This makes the (re)letting activities in the property easier. An important aspect of aik‘s investment profile is concentrating on existing properties that generally – in contrast to newly-built properties – have an average rent level which can again be achieved when reletting. The aik investment profile thus lays the basis for achieving sustainable returns from (re)letting of properties.

Residential property as an attractive addition to the portfolios

In addition to classic office and retail properties, aik increased its focus on acquisition of residential property. As a result of its relatively high ratio of land value to total property value, residential property shows a high stability in value compared to other property types and hence represents an attractive and stabilising addition to the funds’ portfolios. Target markets for aik‘s residential investment are German cities /conurbations and university towns, with a predicted positive demographic development playing an important role when choosing a location.


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