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» Continual portfolio analyses reveal risks and potentials at both the property and the portfolio level. Overall control enables continual portfolio optimisation. «

Only by assessing your opportunities and risks, you can take full advantage of them

A consistent portfolio and risk management system leads to performance optimisation while controlling risks.

A balanced risk structure through diversification

A broad diversification is the basis of balanced portfolio risk structures. The spread of risk takes account, on the one hand, of the volume of the individual properties and, on the other hand, of their locations and property types. Furthermore, it is important to consider the end of rental agreements, the tenant’s field of business and the usage structure of the individual properties. By providing for broad diversification, it is possible to achieve a risk structure in the portfolio which allows for individual potential strains to be coped with. At the same time, this mixture offers the chance to make use of the differences in developments of the international real estate markets for acquisitions and the letting of the properties acquired.

Performance controlling starts at the individual property level

The individual properties are the basis of controlling the performance of the corresponding portfolio. A detailed benchmarking system enables aik to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the individual properties as well as their contribution to the total portfolio. Performance-relevant parameters, such as repairs, operating or letting costs, can be analysed and compared with each other in order to reveal the risks and potentials of the properties and hence to achieve performance optimisation. On this basis, strategies specific to the individual properties can be formulated and implemented.

Portfolio scenarios and stress tests are the core of risk management

To optimise the long-term portfolio returns, crucial parameters from all aspects of real estate management (investment, asset and property management, taxes, finance, etc.) are processed and consolidated within the framework of scenario analyses. On this basis, opportunities and risks for the whole portfolio can be specifically identified and controlled or used respectively. Via stress scenarios, the risk potential of the portfolios is tested regularly with respect to a variety of parameters relating to lettings, evaluation, etc.

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